Fabrication of Spinning Hat & Clothing Display

In this project, Eugenio’s Sheet Metal received a call to meet and discuss a new project that was needed for a tradeshow. To begin the project, the team was given some verbal parameters, the display had to look like a Palm tree and spin. The display was required to hold hats and possibly some clothing articles.

The team brainstormed some ideas where we made a first article with a triangular base lifted off the ground with metal spacers, then made the center pole in sections to allow for easy breakdown and assembly. Lastly, the team curved the arms to give it a tree branch effect that would hold our customer’s product line and keep it on arms while unit spun around.

We powder coated it with our customer’s color scheme and our customer added the graphics and product line as the finishing touches.  This display shows not only the fabrication capabilities but also show mechanical and creative capabilities to create a display from the idea all the way to finished product.

To learn more about this project, see the table below or request a quote today.

Spinning Hat & Clothing Display Project Highlights

Product Description

Rack used to hold signs for POP displays

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Powder Coating
Bulk Packaging

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Punch Press
Cold Saw
TIG Welder

Overall Part Dimmensions

Depth: 20”
Width: 24”
Height: 84”

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.03”

Materials Used

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet
Carbon Steel Tubing
Solid Carbon Steel Round Stock

Material Finish

Powder Coated

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection

Industry for Use

Sign – POP Display


100-500 displays

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4 Weeks

Delivery Location

Ontario, CA

Standards Met

Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing